Use bridal Jewlery whit colors

There is a tradition in the history of wedding culture, that the brides dress is white, the couple wears platinum wedding bands, the fiance wears diamond enagement rings, the groom wears a tuxedo and bridesmaids wear bridal jewlery that is of choise by the bride herself.
When fashion is pushing on the limits the traditional wedding is being pushed whit new color trends, it has become the hottest trend to add color and it has changed the bridal jewlery of the wedding tradition. The one thing that still exists unchanged is that the bride will have a great beauty and majesty at her wedding day.

The new trends is not only stopping whit dresses but continues to engagement rings and wedding bands for borth women and men. Through the years bridal jewlery has been dominated by white diamond, but since personalization is becoming more more important to the couple, colored diamonds or colored gemstones are quickly becoming the new way for them to show their personalities. In a smaller trend the style of bridal jewlery are spun whit a jolt of color.

The most popular trend colors for diamond engagement rings and platinum wedding bands is colors such as champange, brown, yellow, black, pink and grey which will get a timeless twist to egagement rings and wedding bands. Whit diamond engagement rings, colo could be used either as a center sotne or as accented stones, Diamond engagement rings whit colored diamonds or whit a gemstone center stone is also very popular for the newly starting trend. One very popular trend style is that the halo setting which is a center stone thats surronded whit a designer ring of white diamonds.

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