How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

At the famous and hardly forgotten royal engagement, Kate Middleton left the world in a great awe whit a breathtaking blue sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring. Evere since that moment, more and more brides are using engagement rings whith very lovley sapphires. The styles of course is in a great range from antique to halo, sapphire engagement rings can be featured for all sorts of colored stones, such as pink, yellow and blue sapphires. For people born in September, sapphire is a meaningful birthstone that will protect the person from envy and harm. If you want to go whit sapphire and diamond engagement rings there is a big selection to choose from. Thats why we have made a list to provide you whit some help to find the perfecet shapphire and diamnond engagement ring.

1. Find out what style that would suit you and your spouse, Some popular styles is including gemstones are, halo, antique, vintage, solitaire, cluster, florar and cathedral. Once you have found out what you want, everything would be much easier.

2. Do your research and be familiar whit the cuts and clarity of the diamonds and sapphire. The cuts determines how much sparkle the diamond whill have the clarity depends on the amount of blemishes that the stones has. Both of these features are a major determination of the stones quality.

3. One of the most crucial parts when choosing your ring is the Stone Shape. You have to make a chooise of round, princess, emerald, heart, chushion, pear, marquise, oval or asscher stone shape. You need to pay close attention to specifikations of the ring to see what stone it would support.

4. Some of the Metal Engagement rings could be made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or palladium. White gold is most commonly used for engagement rings. If you would be allergic to gold there is a good alternative that is just as beautiful as platinum.

5. The most popular color of the sapphires are yellow, blue and pink, but there will also be sapphires in violet, reddish orange tint and bluish green.

6. How is the center stone placed on the ring, there is a popular setting for engagement rings called prong setting, which is where a range of 4-6 prongs frome the center stone in palce.

7. How much money do you have to spend on the engagement ring, some rings could be very cheap while some is very expensive.

8. Make sure the ring fits, it could be very hard to get the right ring size but a jewlery store would be able to help.

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